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Forest Engagement // Brittany + Heath // Burr Oak Woods

It was COLD, not brisk, but actually cold. I had HotHands in my boots and in my pockets. I shared some with the two of them so their hands didn’t get too red with the cold. But, as the shoot went on, the cold became non-existent. Me, nor them seemed to have even noticed it. We were just having way too much fun. They were giggly and lovey dovey the entire time.

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Tea Time! Vintage Spring Inspired Elopement // The Vintage House // Overland Park, Kansas

I don’t know a single thing about stylized shoots except I know that I want to be a part of them more often. I decided to attend a stylized shoot where I had zero input at all except to show up and photograph it. Definitely puts you into a different comfort level and creative headspace, but I loved it. The vendors and theme of this stylized shoot is just tpp perfect to share for the spring.

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