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Kansas City Wedding // El Torreon // Rosa + Joe

Rosa and Joe tied the knot at the El Torreon in Kansas City Missouri. There were so many aspects of their wedding that I loved. My favorite would be how much support and love their friends and family had for them. Being surrounded by that energy is so contagious.

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Rosa + Joe // Bon Appétit // In-Home Engagement // Kansas City, Loose Park

I will yell it from the rooftops but I absolutely love shooting inside homes! And I'm not just saying that because Rosa and Joe also cooked me a plate of delicious food. You don't have to feed me a homemade meal! In this case, it was just an added bonus (omg it was so good). I met up with Rosa and Joe inside their quaint home in Brookside Kansas City, where I also met their adorable and energetic pitbull, Terrance.

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