Autumn In-home Session // Bobby & Kate // Kansas City, MO


Hey, invite me into your home so I can document you two in your natural habitat. Yes. An in-home session is a real thing!

Ok, but seriously! I adore doing in-home sessions because it's the ultimate way to let get to know the two of you on an entirely different level. Kate and Bobby invited me into their home Monday morning to take some photos with their pup, and cats (however their cats were a tad afraid of me). First thing I noticed when walking into their living room was, they LOVE music. So many posters (some even signed) covered every inch of their walls, and the walls without album covers were Royals merchandise. After some mimosas, we played a little bit of music to dance to on their record player, and had some fun with their favorite vinyls. Their engagement party was earlier that weekend, so of course we incorporated the large balloons that said "Mrs" and "Mr" outside on their front lawn with some gorgeous leaves covering their sidewalk. Afterwards, we drove off to Loose Park where we came across even more beautiful leaves, and hey they even laid down on the ground for me! Their fun-loving personalities were contagious as we traversed around the park. 

Hey you two!

Kate and Bobby! You are my people! I absolutely ADORED hanging out with you two. I had so much fun and I feel like we really connected! I was so jealous of some of your posters on the wall, and I'm super happy we have similar tastes in music. I always believe taste in music reveals a lot about a person, haha! Anyway, thank you so much for being so up for anything I had mind, even if it seemed a bit weird to do them. I stretched my artistic barrier with you two, and I'm so thankful you allowed me!  Also, side note: your fashion style is bomb. I dig it!

In conclusion!

Do not hesitate to ask me to do an in-home session! Why not have a shoot in the place you are the most comfortable in and whole-heartedly you! 

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