Amanda + Danny Jackson 10.08.16


Dear Amanda & Danny,

Thank you for being absolutely amazing, beautiful, genuine clients. I think I can say this now, but you were my very FIRST couple to book ME, as my own business, for a wedding. Sure I had tons of wedding experience under different companies, but you booked me and only me. I was so nervous for our consultation and you gave me a solid, and honest one. I could tell you cared so much about who you wanted as a photographer. When I left that consultation, back in December of 2015, I knew I wanted to book you. I wanted to be your photographer so badly because you two were so loving of each other, so creative, and so sweet. When you told me you wanted me I was so excited. Looking back on your wedding, I remember telling you that I thought it was so crazy that the day was finally here! Because it was crazy. Your wedding always seemed so far away because I was so excited for it, it just never could come quick enough. Your wedding was everything that I thought it would be and more. I didn't expect your bridal party to be so fun and so hilarious and it was such a privilege meeting them. Also a special shout out to your Aunt for taking charge and being awesome. It was beautiful, it was unique, and it encased the two of you perfectly.  Now relive it over and over again! :)

WeddingsKelsey Cragg